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So She Like It painting in Progress

I'm a Contemporary Jamaican artist / illustrator with a passion for promoting my native culture. This shines through in my work which takes inspiration from Jamaica's vibrant pop culture referencing various elements on the island such as street slang, party names and dance techniques. 

In my studio practice I employ painting, drawing, printmaking and digital techniques to build a picture of modern Jamaica. I strive to create work that reflects a society that is imaginative, inventive, colourful, resilient and never shy of a likkle controversy.

I've had the opportunity to exhibit my work around the world. With paintings included in both public and private collections worldwide, a few notable collections include Stussy Worldwide, Campari Promotions and DanceJa.

I'm available for commissions for artwork, album and mixtape covers and gig posters. If you'd like to commission me give me a shout at robin[@]robinclare.com