Ackee Unisex T-shirt

$60.00 AUD

Introduce some Jamaican botanical style into your wardrobe with Robin's signature Ackee Tee!! Available in Adult , Youth & Toddler sizes.

Ackee - It's a strange fruit but who isn't..?

The yellow flesh from this strange but wonderful fruit, native to Jamaica, is used to create the national dish Ackee & Saltfish.

Prized for it's versatility the Ackee Tree - bark, leaves and fruit - all come in handy on the island. The red casing, which is inedible, is used as a substitution for soap. The Bark and leaves are used in home remedies and bush tonics.

Technical info:

THE T'S - Cut & Sew print means the fabric is printed first then sewn so no more crazy unprinted white areas!! :D These tees are made from super smooth and comfortable cotton touch polyester jersey that won’t fade after washing.

- 96% polyester/4% elastane

- Fabric weight: 6.13 oz/yd² (208 g/m²)

- Premium knit mid-weight jersey