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All 4 Stylish Moves Zines

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Stylish Moves Vol 1, 2 & 3 - the first ever Dancehall How To Manual with choreography by renowned dancehall dancer / choreographer / instructor Latonya Style of DanceJA and dancehall crew First Class Dancers. Featuring illustrations by me, Robin Clare.

Throughout her career Latonya Style has been developing a series of moves stamped with her signature infusion of class and confidence.

Each volume of the zine offers it's own set of step by step instructions for between 9 & 12 sexy moves from Style's signature collection, Stylish Moves. Along with other info ranging from Style's tips for dancers to guidance on the foundation moves that she feels are the backbone of modern dancehall style.

This fun collectable publication is a unique look into Latonya Style's dancehall world and a piece of dancehall history.